Saturday, December 10, 2005

You Too?

Until last Monday I had no idea what U2 was. I had heard some stuff about the band, very vague stuff, and I had seen part of that iPod commercial that features Original of the Species on an iPod. Besides that, I was utterly ignorant. Adam had tickets to a concert to their concert at the Bank North Garden (thank bob it's not the "Fleet Center" anymore, ug) and, in his ADD way, he told me in a way similar to this:

ADAM: So we can work on filming the skit sometime next week?
ME: Ya, sure.
ADAM: Alright.
ME: Ok then.
ADAM: . . .
ME: . . .
ADAM: . . . You wanna go to a U2 concert on Monday?

So, I had no idea what I was in store for. I arrived at the center early, because we had unsuccesfully tried to have a leisurely dinner before hand, and met the crowds. Adam's mother and her. . . sister? went off to their side of the stadium, and we off to ours. Of course we had the worst seats. When I say back, I mean as high as you can go, up against the concrete wall with the seats below you about 6 inches away and 1 foot down. But soon the lights went out and I sat back to watch my first glimpse of U2.

Soon they came out onto the stage. The stage was, Adam informed me, formed in the shape of U2's signature, the circle inside of another circle, and that was on the end of a long oval that stretched from one end of the court (for this is also a playing court for the Celtics) to the other. Inside the oval but not on the stage was an area called the Ellipse, where about one hundred lucky fans scremed wildly.

The first up was the lead singer, a blonde man in his late twenties, I would guess, followed by one guitarist and a drum player. And they began to play. And it wasn't very good. In fact, it was rather crappy. Those of you who don't know who U2 are are probably nodding your heads right now saying "Yep, yep, that's U2 alright." Those of you who do know U2 are probably shaking your heads and saying "Bono isn't blonde. And U2 is one damn good band." That's correct, for I had mistaken the sideshow band for U2. The sideshow played for about 45 minutes, and then got off the stage to the dripping sound of golf-applause. There was a half hour intermission, and then the show began.

The first song was "City of Blinding Lights". The first band member on stage was the drummer, whose name I did not know at the time, but whose name I have sense guessed (just guessed. . . GUESSED. Correct me if I am wrong, which I probably am) to be Larry (???????????????). Next up was Mitch (?????????????) and then The Edge. And they began to play.

A quick strumming filled the stadium, I was right near the speakers, 3 times my hieght and at least 8 feet in width. Slowly a yellow light filled the stadium, and Bono's voice also filtered into my ears, but where was he? I turned my head around, and saw him at the other end of the Ellipse. I don't know how he got there, probably a secret door, but I do know that no one else had noticed it until then, he had just walked up.

"Cit of Blinding Lights" was followed by "Vertigo" and then "Excavation" (that's all I remember, unlike Seth, I do not write down the song list of every concert I go to).

I was blown away. I don't know how I'm going to pay my iTunes bill for this month, and the Library late fees for the U2 CD's I took out are going to cost a fortune. In short, I'm a fan.


Blogger breakerslion gasped, still in awe of the posts pure goodness...

Eh. If you ask me, Bono whines, but what do I know? He's rich, I'm not.

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