Saturday, September 03, 2005

Contest #1: Atheist Poems

Here's how this works. An Atheist Poem is a poem about atheism, or a lack of god. The poems don't have to be original, but if they aren't the person who wrote them will be credited. Besides being a fun thing to do, this is an attempt to guage how many people are actually into this site.


The poem must be either anti-religion or pro-atheist. Poems will be judged by relevance to this requirment, as well as general appeal.

Poems do not have to rhyme.

Though this is not neccesary, it would be nice if the poems are kept to a reasonable length.

Poems with foul language will be disqualified. Crap is all right, but anything beyond that won't be considered.

That's it. You can post the entry in a comment to this post, or you can email it to me at The top 5 poems will be displayed, in order of goodness, in another post. When that will be I don't know, I have to see if anyone actually enters anything first. If this goes well there will be more Contests to follow.



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