Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well, I'm Back

SIGH - I'm back. I return a different person then when I left. While gone, I have made friendships stronger than ones I have with people I have known my whole life. If there was a heaven, it would be Friends Camp.
U probably think I'm joking. U are probably thinking, 'oh, that Chris. Always dramatizing things.' Well, YOUR WRONG. I'm being serious. I'm very different now. Before I was excessively annoying, shy, obssessive about always having to be witty. Now, I'm very slightly less annoying, I'm more outgoing then ever before, and I'm no longer a slave to my own intelligence. I'm a new person. Oh, and heres the biggest change of all: I'm bisexual. HA HA, I can see u sitting there, at ur computer, thinking 'Y the hell is Chris making such a big deal out of this?' It's becuase I like attention, that's why. I like attention so much that I am going to repeat, 'I like guys' 5 times, starting now: I like guys. I like guys. I like guys. I like guys. I like guys. Ha.
Anywho, the people at Friends Camp are awesome. Since it is a Quaker Camp, there's lots of love and hugging. Since it is populated by Quaker teens, there's lots of making out too. Some people worth mentioning are:
Emma - Emma's really cool, a very emotional person and an AWESOME person to be around.
Fiona - She lives outside of reality, she's really spontaneous, and really deep. She also used to be really understanding, but now her parents are giving her pills for that.
Genn - Genn's cool, really nice, fun to hang out with.
Isaac - Isaac is an asshole, but also an incredible person. He's kinda grown on me like a horrible cancerous tumer.
Galen - This kid is so perverted. As Fiona so well puts it, "Everybody is a pervert, some people are just better at hiding it then others." Galin does not understand that concept. But also, deep down inside, he has a brain.
Ted - Ted can play the guitar and harmonica really well. Also very hot.
Kel - Kel's cool. Strange obsession with kinky manga. Very fun to talk to.
Umm, I know I've forgotten someone. . . Oh well.

The Camp has Special Days too. Special Days are when the Camp breaks from ordinary schedule to do something special (duh). These are the special days:

Ninja vs. Pirate Day: That Day we played a massive game of Capture the flag, except with weapons specialised to our choice of character. I was ninja, duh.

Waterfront Day: Went down to the beach of China Lake and hung out all day.

Gutter Day: Giant rain gutter + like 30 pints of Ice Cream in giant rain gutter = Massive Fun. About 30 seconds in a food fight started, I and Fiona just sat there, still eating while all hell raged arounbd us. My hat will never smell the same again.

The Raft: Not a special day, but that was hwne the small group of people who had chosen the raft building program, sailed the duct tape, string, wood, and barrels that made up the raft, halfway to the island, where it split in two, and we swam it back. Amazing fun.

The Dance - The dance was AWESOME. I totally partied all night long.

The Talent Show - Everybody who knew how to play anything, did so. I put on 'A Typical Aonversation Among Two Immature Boys' (extract - "Ur Ugly. Well Ur Uglier. That what ur Mom said last night. OOOOOO. WHAT NOW. U GONNA NEED ICE FOR DAT BURN. etc.) aswell as the thing with the guys with their legs crossed, reading newspapers, 1 2 3 SWITCH, I f u were in cabaret u know what I mean. Lots of appluase, good times.

And then there were love wars. Love wars are when one cabin declares a love war on the other cabin, and then the two cabi8ns do nice things for each other. It sounds lame I know, but when it goes overboard it can be really fun. Like when Swallow Cabin (who was engaged in a love war with Eagle Cabin, my cabin) postered the inside of our cabin with about 30 cards describing their love for us. Then we took them out at 12:00 at night for stargazing and messages.

The meals were good, always different.

Well, I'm back. I'm different. And there's no way in hell I'm not going back next year!


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