Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And in a Moment of Silence, I Thought of This. . .

Just randomly working on my novel, the first part of the first draft of which you can find in the August archives (though I'm afraid the first draft could use some patching up), this just popped into my mind. Since the stream of blog article ideas in my mind has temporarily slowed to a trickle, I thought I'd post this small flight of fancy.

In Evolution (my novel), this is a story told to young children at sleeptime.

Once upon a time, in the beginning of time itself, there was the sea.
The ruler of the sea was the great Narcaclea.
He was powerful beyond imagining, his tentacles stretched through every corner of the earth, his song was heard through out space, and he will at last time itself.
Man was just beginning, Man was arrogant; Man thought himself greater then the world.
So Man went down to the deepest, darkest place of the sea, so far down that light itself had long ago given up its search for it. And there Man found Narcaclea. Narcaclea challenged Man. “I am powerful beyond imagining.” He said unto Man, “My tentacles stretch through every corner of the earth, my song is heard through out space, and I will outlast time itself.” Man thought awhile, pondered Narcaclea’s claim. There was a long silence; Narcaclea stared into Man’s eyes, daring him to top his boast. Then Man took out his spear, killed Narcaclea, and ate him.


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