Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Song Lyrics for DayJams tune

So I, apparently being the only person in my band capable of writing good (good) song lyrics, got stuck with writing (pause to up the suspense) the song lyrics. . .

And let me say this was inspired (kinda) by a convo I overheard between a few of my band members (but I still get ALL of the credit).

Billowing. . . Clouds of Green
Wafting in. . . from beyond the sea

People falling. . . To their knees
Choking on. . . This Toxic Breeze

Afterwards. . . "Who's left?" u ask?
The chicken with. . . The gas mask

(Chorus: Haven't come up with this yet. origanally it was just singing "Dot Dot Dot" four times, but I was overruled by the band)

Bunny. . . Consumed in flames
No longer playing. . . Care free games

Fire spirals. . . round his fur
Scweals in pain. . . As he burns

Here's your query. . . "Who lit the match?"
The chicken in. . . The GAS MASK


There will be a third verse, just haven't thought of it yet. The band suggested having the chicken eaten alive by rabid beavers (I added the words "Alive" and "Rabid" in hopes of making the idea sound better. . . He he he), I don't know if I'm going with that or not. Mom said I should make the song an enviormental symbolism dealy, and have the chicken represent Bush or something to that affect, and have the bunny be the people. All I have to say on the matter is Meh.



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