Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Second Week

Well, it's over now. DayJam's first week came to a good end on friday. The concert was awesome, I really enjoyed drumming. But, as expected, my beautiful lyrics were impaled repeatedly with the sword of awfulness by the voice of Daniel. The microphone of projection could not help his mouth of garbleing. I doubt anyone felt lifted as they exited the gym. But, overall the experience has been a fun one.
Now I begin my second week at the camp. I enter this time not as a drummer, but as a vocalist. This is good, becuase I already have a shitload of lyrics for this week, and I think that they are ten times better than the chicken with the gas mask ones.
You wanna hear em? Well, I don't care what you want, I'll put them here regardless.

“The Path of Time” Song Lyrics
By Chris Annas-Lee


The o-ld dusty road,
wound quietly, down the mountain side.
Elm trees cast their shadows over it,
as the days began to w-ane.
At dusk a few bright stars shown ou-t
and danced with the sun-set.
And the sun ca-me out
on a brand new day.

[Muted guitar riff (repeat 4 times with variations)]

And the sun ca-me out
On A Brand, New, DAY. [hold note, guitar riff, drums come in with sixteenth note beat]


The Path of Time moves on and on,
Away from here.
Try to break from it if you want
But you’ll just disappear.

[1st verse]

The darkness, was absolute
Upon that crystal morn.
And the sun ca-me out once more,
Finally, reborn

Gleaming drops of sunny dew,
clinging to the grass.
That golden green, sunny hue
Spring time, at last

Footsteps vanished,
When it rained.
Lakes of light upon the plains

The road was there,
As it is now.
Trampled by the hooves of cows.
Though much different than today.
The sun, still shone out, On A Brand New DAY.


[2nd verse]

Then people came,
made their towns.
Dumped their waste upon the grounds.
The road became a concrete street.
Traversed by those on doesn’t want to meet.

The mountain side is lo-ng gone
The birds no longer sing their songs
Dark clouds, clog the air
The animals are quiet scared

Rain is acid.
Stars aren’t there
People driving everywhere
There are no footprints in concrete
Lakes are made, they are not seen

The sun arrives,
it is quite brave.
Shining bright through all that haze.
It lights the world, every dawn
The torch it carries is almost gone

But still,
the suns OK
Shining bright,
each Brand, New DAY



The old, dusty road
Is winding slowly to an end
Its time, is running out
Not much left to spend

The Path of time,
On the other hand
Works as quickly as it can
The world, is what it has made
And the sun still shines out
each Brand. . . New. . . DAY [Hold for end of song]

By Chris Annas-Lee

Aren't they great. The lyrics are loosely based on a poem I wrote a little while ago, but 70% of the lyrics I just came up with on friday night at 10 o'clock at night. I was so excited i just couldn't sleep. There's also a tune, but this is text.

That's got some serious quailitude, and there's no way in hell the camp director can say (he did this for the chicken in the gas mask lyrics) that they are not PG. This stuff is GREAT. And plus, I'LL BE SINGING IT. THIS IS SOOOOOOO QUAIL!


Blogger seth gasped, still in awe of the posts pure goodness...

Okay, you really need to work on your rhymes. Some of them make it obvious they're just there 'cause you can't think of anything else. "Traversed by those [one] doesn't want to meet"??? That sounds stupid.

9:37 PM  

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