Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Rubber Band Theory of Life

Here's the Theory I use for life when I am depressed:

The Rubber Band Theory of Life

Everytime something good happens to you (u find a 20 dollar bill in ur Jean pocket, someone u hate dies, etc.) the rubber band is stretched a little farther. Ur new shoes being on sale, it goes farther back. The girl u meet at the shoe store while shopping and end up going out on a date with, the rubber get's more taught. Each time u exept something good happening to u, the end finally gets a little bigger. Finally, SNAP! It all comes crashing down on u. The girl mugs u, and ur twenty dollar bill is stolen along with ur new shoes. The person is found with a half written draft of their new will giving u evrything they own, but it wasn't finished, so u get nada.

Doesn't life just suck?


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