Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Name of the Site

Ur probably wondering about the name of this site. No, it is not Dan Quayle (stupidest man alive and for what seemed like years (and was years) vice president of the United States) that this site is named after. It is the Quail. It all started at a party over at Megan's (my gf's) house. This girl Anna Clair (Megan's friend) was there, and on her pants was written "Are U Quail?" (don't make that into a sick joke). Anyway, I went to school and started asking people if they were Quail. I got a wide berth, but that's cool. After a while, it became a whole thing, Quail was like a sign of coolness. So, hence the name. And to rap up, Are U Quail? That's what I thought.


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