Sunday, July 10, 2005

Movie Review Rosemary's Baby

HOLY CRAP. Today what is concidered scary is to jack the violence level beyond that of human capacity, in other words cheap gore is today's idea of a good horror film. But in 1968, when the horror film Rosemary's Baby was made, the ideals of being scared by a creepy, but still well made plot were still being used. I just finished watching Rosemary's Baby and it was just so good I had to post a reveiw. It's about this woman named Rosmary (duh). She is happily married to this dude named Guy, who seems nice. They move into an appartment building in New York. This building has a history of witches. Not the warty, animated witches that Disney so often dipicted, these are hardcore, totally insane, satanist witches that will do anything to produce the son of the Devil (an evil Jesus Christ). Guy is a sucker and is soon drawn in. Lets just say that Rosemary's nightmares are about become a reality. I sure as hell know that I'm gonna have some serious nightmares about this. Not the gore filled nightmares that most horror films today produce, but the even more frightening image of a mother standing over the crib of a deformed Devil child with red eyes and an evil glare, rocking it gently to sleep. I recomend this to everyone who is tired of meaningless gore, and is searching for a horror movie more fulfilling. I give this movie 31/2 stars out of 4. I need to tell Megan about this. . .


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