Monday, July 11, 2005

DayJams - Rock Camp

BOOYA. I just got from the first day of DayJams, a rock camp for people who play rock instruments, and want the experience of playing in a band, while getting good lessons. It's a GREAT camp.
It started with orientation about the camp (boring). Then we went to our first lesson. My instrument is the drums, and since I have never compared myself with other drummers, I decided to just go with the intermediate class, and see how things turned out. It was boring, I already knew all the stuff that Clay (the drum teacher) was telling us. I decided to wait it out until the end of the day, and then maybe skip up to the advanced class.
Then our band met for the first time. It is compiled of 2 drummers, 4 guitarists, 1 base player, and 1 vocalist/pianist. That's big, but the camp was overbooked. Our original song is coming along well, we have the intro all worked out.
After that there was Art, where we (I) designed the logo of the band. Now I don't mean to toot my own horn (yes I do), but I am telling the truth when I say I was like the only person there who could draw. Toot.
Then Lunch. My lunch was the best. Toot. During this time, the basist and the other drummer were developing an elaborate conspiracy against me. No, I don't have any proof. . . But I got a hunch. I could see it in their eyes, smell it in their breath, feel it in their arms, taste it in their feet, and sense it moving around the room. Their out for me, man.
By the end of the day, Clay had said I was too good for the intermediate, and said that tommorow I should go up to the Advanced Class. Toot.
Shaun, one of the drum teachers, and also my personal drum teacher during the school year, had to drive me home, or atleast within a mile or so of home, becuase my dad suddenly decided overnight that he had to go to New York. Cheapskate.
Oh, and the name of my band is . . . Really, its ". . ." (dot dot dot) At first we were the Stoned Beavers, but the councelors said we couldn't keep it. So we're . . .



Anonymous Spoo (Cedric) gasped, still in awe of the posts pure goodness...

Wow, nobody reads your blog. I was coming here to check out what Etherism is, but I can't find the page. Great work Gangas.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Aeger gasped, still in awe of the posts pure goodness...

thank u, and its Ghingus, I think. Those of u who do not understand this convo are not cool, go into ur closet and cry. GO.

8:59 PM  

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